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Urut Batin / Manhood Massage Therapy ( Jua-Gen )
Urut Batin Tulen Master Sifu – AMY ( Thailand )
– Available for Authentic Thai Massage Therapy, HJ Happy ending.

Manhood Massage Therapy is totally different from happy ending or HJ ( Hand Job abbreviation )that just aim towards reaching orgams.The Manhood Massage Therapy ( Jua-Gen ) perfomed by a authentic trained Masseuse Massage lady is focus aims towards enhanced blood circulation and Chi ( sexual energy ) flow in the lingam ( male sexual organ ) and related areas.

Background Massage: Ms Amy who had graduated from one of the well known Thailand Massage School and had earned herself become a master in Thai Massage Therapy,Her skill Thai Massage is top of the world and you will get to experience many Unique Thai Massage Techniques from her, I had went for Thai Massage at Bangkok,Chiang Mai,Hatyai and many Massage Parlours in Malaysia.Most if the Thai Massage lady i experienced are very good but nothing comes close to Ms Amy level,Though there a very few nearly equally as good as her.Ms Amy learned this Authentic Genuine Manhood Massage Therapy from a respective retired old lady from Thailand Massage School and further enhance her extensive knowledge skill Batin Manhood Massage Therapy ( Jua-Gen ) from another old man at Taiwan.

What she does: First she will do some background check analysis on male sexual organ by deep pressing male part for a few moments before she explained Penis status in terms of healthy, Sperm volumes and so on The techniques including pressing a few main acupressure points below the scrotum ( male balls parts ) veins. The acupressure points at scrotum veins might trigger some minor pain to some people at the waist. Yes! It triggered at waist there when she does the acupressure points scrotum depending how much wind (air) inside your penis / scrotum there. Benefits: Some unfortunate people facing pre ejaculation and reaching orgasm very early during sex with their partnes. This techniques Manhood Massage Therapy perfomed by Ms Amy might pro long your sexual performance. Many Pre Ejaculation male usually request massaging the penis till close to the point of climax and then easing it back during the Manhood Massage Therapy ( Jua-Gen ) before going back home and had a satisfactory long night performance sex with his romantic partners, Options Ejaculate: During the Manhood Massage Therapy ( Jua-Gen ), you can observe a surge of blood to the penis head. Therefore you can have the option to either reach orgasm by let her ejaculate out or just let it close to the point of climax orgasm…

Pure Massage Package by Amy ( No B2B )

Massage PingPong 1 Hour – RM 95
Urut Batin Manhood Massage Therapy 1 Hour – RM 120
Urut Batin Manhood Massage Therapy 1.5 Hour – RM 150

Whatsapp or Call 016 – 2922844 ( Mark ) for more inquiry.
Operation Time: 12PM – 3AM

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